2017/2018 CD Swim Team Roster

Listed below, is the current roster for the team – congratulations!
Please watch your email for important information regarding practices over the holiday, poster pictures and the final spirit wear sale!
Kim Y.

Current roster as of 11/18

There are a few swimmers who have not tried out yet and will still need to swim on Monday for eval.

The following swimmers are currently on the team.  Congrats to all of you and good luck to those who need to try out next year.

Women                                                            Men                                        

Averill                                                              Bloom

Baughman                                                       Clemente

Brosius                                                            Conway

Cherry                                                             Chatell

Collins                                                             Dowling

Conway                                                           Fisic

Danner                                                            Gherardini

Fortney                                                            Kasian

Hanshaw                                                         Kelley

Heck(3)                                                            Key

Hutchinson                                                     Keys

Kroll                                                                Merlo

Langan                                                            Novak

Leuchner                                                         Pliszka

Lowe                                                               Ring

Nissley                                                            Reeser

Rabina                                                             Shaw

Recce                                                              Shmidt

Sturgis                                                             Vail

Sucheski                                                          Waxmonsky

Szobocsan                                                       Will

Thrush                                                             Wills

Vesek                                                               Zlogar



Wampler(missed tryout)

echard(missed tryout)

If anyone has concerns or questions, please see me in room 140.


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