Sports Physicals

Below is the link for the sports physical section of the district website. Physicals will be offered in the main gym on Thursday, October 20th at 2:45pm The fee is $20.00 and may be paid in cash or check payable to CDHS.


Directions for forms:

  1.    You will see choices for a 1stphysical or a 2nd/3rd physical.
  2. Select the appropriate option
  3. Print the entire form
  4. Complete the entire form! If all portions are not completed and signed, the physical form will be returned to you, and your child will not be allowed to practice with the team until they receive clearance. There are no exceptions.
  5. Please note: In order to participate at the first team practice (try-out) in November you must return this form no later than November 9, 2016
  6. Remember, you can have your own family physician perform the physical, but then be sure to have the form completed in it’s entirety by your doctor. Also, if you are having trouble getting an appointment, you can usually just stop in one of the urgent care facilities and get the physical done there.
  7. Impact testing is scheduled for WednesdayNovember 9 at 4:30and must be completed by all freshmen that have not yet participated in a sport and those upperclassmen new to the school or have never played a sport at CD. ImPact testing results are not transferred from middle school to high school and/or one high school to another.



All physical paperwork must be turned into CD main office (Trainer Mailbox) or the Athletic Training Room no later than Wednesday November 9th.

Please be sure to turn this paperwork into the trainer and not the booster box.


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